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“Where there is a sunrise, there is Chatime”

Country of Origin:


Operational/Signed (Outlets)

  • Mauritius  
  • Canada  
  • Philippines  
  • Australia  
  • Indonesia  
  • Thailand  
  • Singapore  
  • Myanmar  
  • Taiwan  
  • Guam  
  • Sharjah  
  • Abu Dhabi  
  • Qatar  
  • Kuwait  
  • Oman  
  • Pakistan  
  • Czech Republic  
  • Spain  
  • China  
  • Malaysia  
  • S. Korea  
  • Maldives  
  • Germany  
  • Colombia  
  • Hong Kong  
  • Mexico  
  • Fiji  
  • Brunei  
  • New Zealand  
  • Vietnam  
  • Dubai  
  • Bangladesh  
  • Japan  
  • Cambodia  
  • France  
  • UK  
  • USA  
  • Lebanon  


  • Thailand
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Vietnam
  • Africa
  • South East Asia
  • Myanmar
  • Worldwide

Founded in Taiwan during 2005, Chatime set out to introduce the world to the fresh, delicious flavour and fun of modern Taiwanese tea. With over 2,500 T-Breweries worldwide in 40 countries/regions, we're confidently achieving that goal. We're proud of our heritage, and are excited to continue evolving the brand.

Training & Support:

Chatime have created an innovative, quality Training Program for new Business Partners that provides a unique blend of comprehensive, practical and theory-based training. The objective of our Training and Development program is to prepare our partners to set up and operate a successful T-Brewery. Each week our partners will be guided through a blend of online modules and in T-Brewery tasks by your dedicated Training Partner. They'll be available to assist you in completing the program, modules and tests assigned to you during the life span of the course. During the course our partners will learn about operations, sales and customer engagement, recruitment, people management and much more. Your Training Partner will also help the transition to working with your BDM, who will continue to support and develop your skills and knowledge, working with you to grow the business.

Unique Business Proposition

  • Our core brand values come straight from the tea itself; a high quality, innovative, fun-infused.
  • Our vision is to grow our network and align ourselves with passionate and hard-working Partners.
  • We view this relationship as more than a business deal - to us, it's a partnership.
  • We will work hard with you to open, operate and optimize your exciting new T-Brewery.
  • The Chatime model has been tried and tested in Worldwide for years.
  • Our innovative approach has made us one of the fastest growing franchises in the World.
  • We're committed to producing a high quality product, brewed from the freshest ingredients, with the fullest flavours.
  • An innovating & experimenting to come up with new brews that keep our products tip of taste buds.
  • We're inventing, branding, shaking or brewing. Fun is at the heart of everything we do.

Investor Profile
What do Chatime look for in a prospective Business Partner?

  • A positive attitude and drive
  • The financial ability to kick start the dream
  • The ability to prepare a detailed business plan
  • A high level of energy and enthusiasm
  • The willingness to learn new things
  • The ability to motivate and manage your employees
  • A passion to get involved with the community
  • The ability to take direction and advice from Chatime Central Support
  • The hunger to succeed whilst doing something you love If you can identify that you tick these boxes, then you are the ideal Chatime Business Partner!

International Licence Fee: Upon Application

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