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Petit Cherie

“Special casual wear clothing for children!”

Country of Origin:


Operational/Signed (Outlets)

  • Brazil - (1100)


  • Middle East
  • Kazakhstan
  • Azerbaijan
  • Africa
  • Egypt
  • Tunisia
  • Canada
  • USA

Petit Cherie a Gato Mia Brazilian Company provides high fashion children's party dresses, formal and special occasion dresses, wedding guest and birthday celebration dresses as well as casual every day wear for both girls and boys that are chic and trendy.

Beautiful Quality Special & casual wear clothing for children!

Petit Cherie a Gato Mia Brazilian Company was founded in 2002 in Sambrio Brazil by designer Andreia Gomes who has grown to become the most coveted and admired name in Brazil for special occasion dresses and casual wear for girls and boys.

With more than 1100+ point of sale locations globally Petit Cherie designers create truly fabulous clothes. Petit Cherie designers pay special attention to details. They have a wide range of elements of decoration, which include impressive diamante gems, pretty flowers decoration, fancy ribbons and a wide range of other fantastic elements.

Using the finest fabrics, such as organza, silk, lace, viscose and other eco-friendly materials which are the most suitable for kids. Girls wearing the Petit Cherie dresses look like little princesses, while boys wearing LOUI designs look real chic.

Training & Support

  • Retail Operation and Product Training Programs
  • Assistance in Site Selection and 3D Design / Engineering Documents
  • Store Opening Support
  • Wholesale Prices on all merchandise
  • Marketing Promotional Guidance Support
  • Free Art Work flyers, social media advertising for events promotions
  • Continuing support services

Unique Business Proposition

  • The most coveted and admired name in Brazil for special occasion dresses and casual wear for girls and boys

Investor Profile

  • Financial stability and capacity to expand
  • Proven track record business
  • Very good understanding of local target market
  • Dedicated and experienced team to manage the brand
  • Access to Prime Real Estate Location

International Licence Fee: Upon Application

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