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Young Rembrandts

“Art Education Franchise”

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  • USA - (69)
  • S. Korea - (3)


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  • South East Asia

For over 20 years, Young Rembrandts has utilized a proven teaching method and proprietary curriculum to build the skill-based creativity children need for academic success. Our step-by-step method and curriculum teaches drawing, the fundamental skill of all visual arts, to children 3.5 to 12 years old. We are proud of the solid reputation we have earned as a unique, well-organized and high-quality program with the thousands of parents who have enrolled their children in our classes, and the franchise owners who have invested in the Young Rembrandts model.

Unique Business Proposition

  • Young Rembrandts has received several top honors from Entrepreneur Magazine since it's franchising inception in 2001, including Top Home based Franchises: # 93; Low Cost Franchise: #76, and overall Best in Category for 2008.
  • The first art franchise with an international reach
  • 100% of Young Rembrandt owners surveyed rate our products and services as above average
  • Highly proprietary teaching method and curriculum dispels the myth that art is a talent that a child has or doesn't have.
  • Children are Given the Power. While mastering drawing techniques, children are given the power of drawing, which increases self-esteem, confidence and lifelong learning skills.

Investor Profile
Our versatile product enables Master Franchisors to organize their franchise system as either home-based or brick-and mortar units, depending on the Master Franchisor's unique economic and cultural environment. Which model will be used by a Master Franchisor is determined by the existing after-school policies and practices in the candidate’s country. Specifically, if after-school programming is generally hosted within the school, the Master Franchisor will run the home-based model; if after-school programming is generally hosted outside of the school system, the Master Franchisor will run the brick-and-mortar model.

With either system model, it is the responsibility of the Master Franchisor to acquire, train, manage and support the unit owners (sub-franchisees) who will in turn acquire and service a customer base.

International Licence Fee: From US$ 40,000

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