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Wizard Jeans

“UK Designer Jeans Brand for Men and Women”

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  • UK  
  • Australia  
  • New Zealand  


  • Europe
  • Japan
  • Russian Federation
  • Middle East
  • Latin America
  • USA
  • China

Award winning business woman, Sally Allen-Gerard originated the premium British designer jean brand 'Wizard' in 2009 and entered the market with a soft launch in December 2009. As a great lover of jeans and always looking for the 'perfect pair' and never quite finding them, Sally spent two years researching fabrics and technologies to fulfil an ambition to come up with jeans that really enhance a woman's shape. After refining two different processes/technologies, Sally established Glamour2Go, the company behind the Wizard Jeans brand.

Sally says "We were keen to develop a technology which would help women feel comfortable in their own skins by increasing their confidence and lifting their self-esteem. It doesn't matter how old you are - we all want to look better, slimmer and younger - and most importantly, fashionable! Then - due to the success of the jeans for women - we launched a special 'Wizard' jean for men with Ricky Whittle when he won 'The Wizard Jeans Rear of the Year 2010' - and since then Wizard Jeans have proven to be a tremendous success with men too".

The unique Wizard (c) bonding technology works in the same way that many years ago a 'roll-on' used to, but better and much more comfortable - it holds you in, lifts you up but with maximum comfort and effect. The Daily Mail referred to it as being like 'denim Spanx'. The Wizard range also features styles without bonding and they all benefit from very high quality cut and 'pocket control' to achieve a similar look of a flattering silhouette.

With specific attention to cut, design, high quality and fashion, Wizard Jeans are popular across the generations and with both sexes. They are the perfect way to look fantastic in jeans at any age - and to also meet the demands of the fashion conscious. Particularly successful are Wizard's unique 'Evening' jeans range of styles.

Known as the ultimate fashion jeans for men and women, Wizard Jeans have been worn by a range of celebrities including Carol Vorderman, John Barrowman, Anton du Beke, Fiona Bruce, Samantha Bond and many members of the Downton Abbey cast.

There are no barriers these days to being able to look your best if you take time and trouble choosing what to wear. If we take a leaf out of the book of the great Coco Chanel, who said "Fashion changes, but style endures" we won't go far wrong. The importance of cut is key to looking the best you can - and a good cut never goes out of fashion.

Wizard Jeans has distributors in Australia and New Zealand and sells to high-end boutiques across the UK.

Unique Business Proposition

  • High Fashion Jeans for Men & Women
  • Made in the UK
  • High quality design, cut and production

Investor Profile
Existing distributors of fashion

International Licence Fee: Upon Application

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