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Flip Flop Shops

Flip Flop Shops

Hottest and trendiest Flip Flops and Casual Footwear in the World


Flip Flop Shops

Flip Flop Shops aims to be the #1 franchised retail chain of flip flops and casual footwear throughout the world by building a breakthrough brand and world class franchise system.

Unique Business Proposition

Yuliya Bilous

Yuliya Bilous will be managing your enquiry.

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  • Hottest brands with the best pricing and latest styles flip-flops and casual footwear. (See the list of brands in our power point presentation)
  • Low start up and strong annual ROI exceeding 20% annually
  • Assistance in all aspects of the business : design, operations, purchasing, staffing and labor control, marketing support.
  • Aggressive worldwide growth in next 5 years
  • CEO/owner Tom Romeo has over 30 years of experience in the shoe business having founded the Bearpaw brand that is one of the most successful shoe world-wide brands.
Yuliya Bilous

Yuliya Bilous will be managing your enquiry.

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Flip Flop Shops
Flip Flop Shops
Flip Flop Shops

About Flip Flop Shops

Founded in 2004, Flip Flop Shops began franchising in 2007 with a typical shop measuring between 600 to 900 square feet. The majority of the shops are located within the United States. There are master franchise agreements outside the country, including South Africa, Mexico, Canada, various Caribbean jurisdictions, Spain, and India. Our shops not only carry footwear, but apparel, jewelry and other supporting accessories.

Currently Flip Flop Shops offer several different unit models:

  • traditional in-line space
  • small modular kiosks that reduce overall opening costs by 45% and produce great returns on a low investment
  • pop-ups and seasonal opportunities
The brand business model also includes:
  • store in store opportunities
  • modular system
  • great mobility- can make the kiosk larger or smaller with modular features.
The Flip Flop Shops management team has several decades of experience within the shoe industry and regularly introduce new brands and styles to maximize revenue opportunities.

Flip Flop Shops allows our franchise partners to gain instant access to iconic brands and the advantages that only come from years of working together.

Our Brands:

Training & Support:

Initial Support and Training:
  • Support with initial business plan, feasibility study, site selection, stores design and store opening processes.
  • Each new Franchisee undergoes a 5-day Training Program called Flip Flop Shops U. This is designed so that even a novice in retail is given the tools to succeed. Also, included is our 2 days in shop training to coincide with the store opening.
On-going Support:
  • Ongoing daily operational and full merchandise planning and buying support
  • Visual merchandising, marketing campaigns and promotional support

Flip Flop Shops
Flip Flop Shops
Flip Flop Shops

Investor Profile

Our ideal candidate has retail experience, the ability to have a hands on management style, and has the know how to market locally. Our best Franchisees replenish their inventory continuously to avoid missing out on a potential sale.


  • Saudi Arabia
  • UAE
  • GCC
  • Australia
  • Jamaica
  • Thailand
  • Worldwide


  • USA (43)
  • Canada (10)
  • Mexico (2)
  • South Africa  
  • India  

Flip Flop Shops Brochures

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