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Brioche Doree

Brioche Doree is the leader in the French style quick service market. The brand is currently operating in about 30 countries and territories worldwide with 615 restaurants.

Unique Business Proposition

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  • Tradition: 40 years of experience bakery café
  • Innovation: more than 50 original recipes developed each year
  • Efficiency: high traffic sites (airports, railways, highways, malls, city centers)
  • Digital customer journey, with an extensive CRM program
Kit Brinkley

Kit Brinkley will be managing your enquiry.

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Brioche Doree
Brioche Doree
Brioche Doree

About Brioche Doree

Louis Le Duff opened his first bakery Brioche Doree in Brest in 1976.

Today, the Le Duff Group is composed of several large restaurant chains, in France and abroad. In addition to be a major player in table and fast food restaurants, today it is one of the world's leading bakeries thanks to its industrial subsidiary Bridor.

Leader of the French style quick service market, Brioche Doree is currently operating in 30 countries and territories across 5 continents with 615 restaurants.

The brand is named for its values: quality, traceability, freshness, innovation, environment and friendliness. It offer a wide range of products: pastries, sandwiches, salads, drinks, breads, etc.

Totalling 400,000 customers every day worldwide, Brioche Doree has been awarded "Best sandwich chain of the year" in France in 2017/2018 and 2018/2019.

Inspired by the atmosphere of traditional Parisian bistros, a new Brioche Doree design is born in France (Marne la Vallee) in May 2019.

Training & Support:

  • Training in the Le Duff culinary Academy
  • Training in our restaurants

Brioche Doree
Brioche Doree
Brioche Doree

Investor Profile

  • Commercial Real Estate: the candidate should have access to prime commercial real estate suitable for French style quick service restaurant operations.
  • Net worth: the number of restaurants depends on the size of the development territory. The minimum net worth requirement to qualify as a franchise candidate is €2,000,000.
  • Management experience: the prospective franchise group should have a successful business management background and one partner who qualify as the Operating Principal.


  • Poland
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Austria
  • Czech Republic
  • Italy


  • Argentina (32)
  • France (20)
  • USA (18)
  • Canada (15)
  • S. Korea (13)
  • Morocco (10)
  • Egypt (10)

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