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Mobile Outfitters

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Mobile Outfitters

Mobile Outfitters

“360° mobile protection without bulk”

Country of Origin:


Operational/Signed (Outlets)

  • Italy - (32)
  • USA - (15)
  • Belgium - (12)
  • UK - (12)
  • Oman - (9)
  • Indonesia - (6)
  • Russian Federation - (4)
  • Canada - (4)
  • Qatar - (3)
  • Malaysia - (2)
  • Saudi Arabia - (2)
  • Trinidad & Tobago - (2)


  • UAE
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia

We are not just another mobile accessory kiosk - with our RapidCut on-demand technology our locations create and professionally install our award winning Clear-Coat screen protection, 360° full body protection, and Style Skins for any mobile device right from our kiosk. Combined with our Lifetime Guarantee, professional installation and 100% customizable phone cases you'll quickly see why millions have chosen Clear-Coat.

We started as 2 guys wanting to make the best screen protector anyone had ever seen, and manufacture it here in the US. In 2009, we opened our first mall location to give our customers the best possible experience with our products. Fast forward a few years, and you can now find our products in over 150 independently owned mall locations spanning 23 countries thanks to our incredibly successful Mall Kiosk Program.

The landscape of specialty retail is quickly shifting - as online shopping becomes cheaper, faster, and more convenient, the value that shopping malls offer is quickly shifting to customer experience, professional and personal service, and custom-made products. This is exactly why our mall kiosk opportunity has been successful for 7 years and counting, unaffected by the growth of online resellers - when you open a Clear-Coat kiosk, you're offering personal customer experience by professionally installing our products, and selling custom-made products using our proprietary award-winning RapidCut technology.

Training & Support

Clear-Coat provides a 3-5 day training session to explain the products and the the application/ installation of the product.

Unique Business Proposition

  • USA made, military grade products
  • Proprietary and patented technology exclusive to Clear-Coat
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty on all products
  • No warehouse or expensive logistics required
  • Appealing and affordable kiosk design
  • Award-winning, Innovative RapidCut system that creates protection for all gadgets on demand instantly with Zero Waste and No Dead Stock
  • Simple and easy to manage business model
  • Proven Rewarding pricing structure
  • The Business model is built to allow distributors to grow quickly and efficiently

Investor Profile

  • Financially capability
  • Preferred experience in retail business
  • Preferably willing to work on Clear-Coat Full time
  • Quality conscious
  • Passionate and energized
  • Willing to grow and expand

International Licence Fee: Upon Application



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