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Meat & Eat

Meat & Eat

“Bistro concept where price and quality are fantastic.”

Country of Origin:


Operational/Signed (Outlets)

  • Belgium - (3)


  • Middle East
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Eastern Europe
  • Latin America
  • South East Asia

Family business with great history
Speciality Meat & Fish
Our father started a butcher shop in Belgium, Antwerp a small town in the Nord.

When our father retired none of the 6 sons wanted to work in the butcher shop.

Except one of the sons, Mo, who was a chef with international experience in the restaurant business.

He worked with one the best chefs in the world in Paris, London, Barcelona.

Didn't want the family history to stop so he turned his father's butcher shop into a Meat Bistro where everyone can come and enjoy the best meat cuts and fresh products in the former shop of his father.

Mo wanted to bring something that didn't exist.

He wanted to bring a concept that every one could afford, so his challenge was to bring best quality for very affordable prices.

He wanted to have always the family atmosphere in the restaurant even when the family wasn't there so that diners feel at home.

Until today our clients feel a part of the family whenever they come to visit us.

We make them feel that they are part of the family and not just a number.

Of course our food and service is great but we are exceptional because we have affordable prices, family history and atmosphere.

We give great training and support and guide you from start and through your journey!

Unique Business Proposition

  • Low investment
  • Best return on investment
  • Easy to learn and practice
  • Great support en guide, very professional
  • Big grow opportunities and future expansion
  • Great brand and name which can succeed around the globe
  • Belgium / European concept

Investor Profile
We are seeking interested parties with

  • minimum restaurant business experience of 3 years
  • minimum capital of 100000$
  • already 3 years of business experience
  • basic know-how for marketing
  • minimum sales turnover of 350000$ one year basic
  • love to give customers a family experience

International Licence Fee: Upon Application






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