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Bondi Chai Latte

Bondi Chai Latte

“Premium chai latte pre-mix”

Country of Origin:


Operational/Signed (Outlets)

  • Australia  
  • Singapore  
  • Portugal  
  • Spain  
  • Sweden  
  • Denmark  
  • Germany  
  • Switzerland  
  • Italy  
  • France  
  • UK  
  • Belgium  
  • Netherlands  
  • India  


  • South East Asia
  • East Asia
  • Middle East
  • Northern Africa
  • Worldwide

Seeking distributors in:
Southeast Asia, East Asia, Middle East, North Africa, Worldwide.

Chai latte is today one of the most popular hot drinks among non-coffee drinkers around the world and Australia's own Bondi Chai sets the 'gold standard' in the category.

Australia's most awarded chai, Bondi Chai Latte, is a silk-smooth blend of black tea and 'comfort spices' steamed into milk and sweetened with sugar and honey.

Its 'almost addictive' taste and creamy mouthfeel has universal appeal in the many countries where Bondi Chai is sold - including in India itself, where "chai masala" is the de facto national drink.

A premium-grade, milk-soluble pre-mix, Bondi Chai is fast and economical to prepare and commands rock-solid loyalty from consumers.

Made in Australia from natural ingredients, Bondi Chai also meets the health cues increasingly sought by consumers: low fat, low caffeine, no trans-fatty acids, no artificial ingredients, gluten free and Halal certified.

A wide range of POS material, crockery and sampling product is provided through our distributors. In-store demonstrations and food expos are also supported with sample stock and collateral.

Bondi Chai is a premium-grade beverage that provides an excellent non-coffee option on any hot beverage menu. The product is most valued by hotel, café and restaurant owners and catering managers who seek to distinguish their business with premium quality offerings and especially thse sourced from overseas.

Unique Business Proposition

  • Most awarded product of its kind - 5 Fine Food gold medals; Healthy Food Guide, Telstra Business Awards and most recently Asia Pacific Stevie Gold Award for Food and Beverage Company of The Year 2015.
  • Milk-soluble formulation - adds creaminess, unique flavor.
  • Fast/easy to prepare - stir two teaspoons of powder into steamed milk and serve.
  • Low cost-per-serve, excellent profitability.
  • Concentrated formulation, minimizing shipping, handling and delivery costs.
  • All natural ingredients: no artificial ingredients or anti-caking agents usually associated with powders.
  • Produced in Australia from 95% Australian ingredients by a 100% Australian-owned company.

Investor Profile
We seek distributors/wholesalers who:

  • service the HORECA sector;
  • enjoy sourcing and presenting new and exciting products to their clientele, and;
  • are valued by their clients for integrity and first-class customer service.

Currently fielding inquiries from several parts of China, Thailand, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Japan, Korea, Guam, New Zealand, Nepal, Chile, Mauritius, Reunion Is.

International Licence Fee: Upon application



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