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“Healthy and Great Tasting, Just Pure Nectar!”

Country of Origin:


Operational/Signed (Outlets)

  • Philippines - (65)


  • South East Asia
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Worldwide

Pure Nectar Juice: a juicy business ripe for global expansion

  • Exclusive territory given for metro area
  • Low investment with ability to scale to substantial business
  • Unique wholesale and retail distribution model with huge upside
  • Low operating breakeven and high profits
  • World-class training and support

Making a healthy choice about food and beverages is not just a trend-it's the new lifestyle option with a huge consumer demand. Cold-pressed juices are at the forefront of providing just such a choice. And the best choice is Pure Nectar Juice.

We've taken the growing trend of healthy lifestyle together with our passion to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and developed a fanstastic business opportunity.

Pure Nectar's founder, Alan Escalona M.D from the Philippines established Fruit Magic Corporation more than 20 years ago. Today over 65 retail outlets and dozens of distribution points bring Pure Nectar's delicious line of cold-pressed juices to the Philippines market.

We continually focus on the effects of juicing, development of new juice recipes and better efficient ways of juice extraction. At Pure Nectar Juice, we meticulously develop the right mixtures of cold-pressed juices so that the juice is not only healthy but lip smacking delicious!

The Juicy Facts

  • Cold pressed juices make up a $3Billion market
  • Cold pressed juice is produced by applying 14,000 tons of pressure to extract all the vitamins and minerals from the produce
  • Fresh juice provides the essential nutrients our bodies need and boosts our immune system to fight off diseases
  • Pure Nectar cold pressed juices use high quality local produce with no additives and no preservatives
  • Pure Nectar uses fresh sugar cane juice as a sweetener
  • Our unique Super-Cooling refrigeration technology preserves the freshness and quality of cold-pressed juices longer
  • Localized juices to incorporate the unique fruits and veggies available in the market

Production & Distribution Business Model

Pure Nectar Juice offers a unique business model with multiple wholesale and retail revenue streams allowing you to build a substantial business. The business revolves around the Production facility.

Production facility: As an Area Developer your production facility produces the juice from locally grown fruits, veggies and herbs that supplies the wholesale and retail distribution channels.

Wholesale distribution points: You place Super-Cooling refrigeration systems in high traffic venues such as restaurants, coffee chains, cafes, office buildings, gyms, hospitals, etc. You supply wholesale to the distributors and they in turn sell the Pure Nectar juice to their clientele at retail prices. A win-win for all!

Retail e-commerce & direct sales: Retail customers order through our e-commerce site with the convenience of delivery to their door. We also sell to retail customers at festivals, events, fairs, conventions and such.

Retail kiosks (optional): You have the ability to open retail kiosks in the development area.

Training and Support

We bring our 30 years of franchise experience to provide world-class training and support including:

  • 5 days of management and sales training
  • 8 days of onsite operations training
  • Initial and ongoing sales and marketing assistance
  • Ongoing monthly training programs
  • Proactive support including monthly calls and quarterly visits to your location
  • SMART Technology Portal consisting of powerful solutions for running your business

Unique Business Proposition

  • A Different type of Juice
  • A Different type of Business model: Multiple revenue streams

Investor Profile
Area Developer Profile

We're looking for hands-on entrepreneurs who are driven to succeed and can see the tremendous opportunity of tapping into a huge market through local production, wholesale and retail distribution.

As a minimum you should have the ability to invest between US$175,000 and US$250,000 for an Area Development Block that consists of investing in a production facility and exclusive rights to wholesale and retail e-commerce distribution.

We have so much more to share with you about this exciting business... take the first step to learn more about Pure Nectar Juice.

International Licence Fee: Upon Application

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