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  • Canada  
  • USA  


  • Northern Africa
  • Middle East
  • Gulf Cooperation Council
  • UAE

Unique Business Proposition

  • Convenience, Flexibility & Accessibility
    Unique in today's market, a completely mobile, on-the-go solution that marries the growth in mobile connected devices with access to digital content

  • Bandwidth Independence
    Consumers can access high quality, new release movies and TV programs with zero Internet bandwidth fees and zero cellular data charges, so there's no need to pay for large data packages on your smartphone or home Internet line

  • 4K Content Delivery
    With it's convenient locations, high speed delivery and zero bandwidth or data charges, Spigot's Digital Media Tower has been recognized by the industry as a leading solution to the problem of 4k digital delivery

  • Speed of Delivery
    An average Spigot movie file can be transferred to an average off-the-shelf USB 3.0 thumbdrive in 30 seconds, while transfer speeds to newer model iOS and Android mobile devices allow similar transfers in less than two minutes

  • Advertising Revenue Model
    Each unit when operating at full capacity, has the potential of generating in excess of $25,000 per month, per Media Tower

  • High-Speed Charging
    High-speed changing capability (as opposed to trickle charge) is unlocked at the Charging Tower by downloading the Spigot app, meaning the Towers also provide a vehicle for dissemination of Spigot's mobile apps, driving both company value and adoption rates

  • Unrivalled Agility in a Changing Industry Landscape
    As the landscape of the bandwidth industry evolves, the Spigot technology ecosystem is agile enough to keep up with these changes


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