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The Bedroom

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The Bedroom

The Bedroom

“World-class Specialty Retailing Opportunity”

Country of Origin:


Operational/Signed (Outlets)

  • UAE - (8)
  • Saudi Arabia - (5)
  • Lebanon - (3)
  • Egypt - (1)
  • Jordan - (1)
  • Oman - (1)
  • Qatar - (1)
  • Kuwait - (1)


  • Africa
  • Middle East
  • Asia
  • Latin America

By becoming an Intercoil Franchisee to promote the brand name of 'The Bedroom by Intercoil' you will be in an enviable position to satisfy an increasing customer base with a full selection of top brand mattresses, beds and furniture.

More importantly you will operate with confidence, secure in the knowledge that you are fully supported by our established business formula that includes innovative products, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, full sales & marketing support that has been perfected over 42 years of experience in running company owned retail network across 9 countries and a highly efficient distribution system.

Whether you are an experienced retailer or come with limited experience, you will receive our full support in setting up the retail business. From the pre-launch preparations, to guidance on retail fit-out, branding, advertising, consumer research and overall marketing, Intercoil will be your strategic partner at every step of the process. After the showrooms are set up and launched the support will continue in terms of product portfolio management, consultancy on pricing, consumer engagement thru traditional and digital media and strategic decisions on business expansion.

Unique Business Proposition

  • The retail space is saturated with full home furniture and mattress retailers. The Bedroom by Intercoil occupies a unique niche of being a specialty bedroom furnishing brand that offers a focused value proposition to the premium segment customer.
  • The other strong propositions you will enjoy by becoming Intercoil's franchisees are:
    • Fully protected Industrial & Intellectual property rights
    • Secure & protected access to our high quality bedroom & mattress product lines
    • International manufacturing links & the support of high R&D driven manufacturing

Investor Profile

  • A strong knowledge of the local market enabling you to fully capitalize on all retail and wider commercial opportunities in your local territory
  • Access to sufficient financial resources to continuously develop & support the franchise
  • Business insight & knowledge of local statutory requirements and a proven track record of retail business success
  • We are looking for multiple unit developers who have the capacity to develop a number of units within a given large Territory

International Licence Fee: Upon Application



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