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“Turn Loyalty into Profit in your market”

Country of Origin:


Operational/Signed (Outlets)

  • UAE  


  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Gulf Cooperation Council
  • Worldwide

The Vice Versa Franchise is an opportunity to bring a unique Loyalty business and loyalty concepts to your own market, helping local businesses build customer loyalty and turn loyalty into business profit!

VV Code Solo

Vice Versa is a win-win-win - Customers earn instant Cash-rewards credited to their loyalty card in real Cash values, The businesses grow customer loyalty and gain customer insight leading to business growth - and the Franchisee earns money on the loyalty transactions, business services and card / membership fees.

Vice Versa provides three Program concepts (each a Franchise brand). Common for all ; they run on the robust Vice Versa system platform (fully hosted and outsourced) and all concepts offer the popular "Vice Versa principle" of INSTANT Cash-rewards:

The Vice Versa Tourist Card - targeting Tourists and visitors to city destinations. The unique loyalty card that gives you real time Cash rewards in any currency. Beyond your own city destination, the card works across multi-destinations. Be part of an exciting travel experience! The Franchise includes an end-to-end solution, marketing materials, card and city reward guide templates and a website at your disposal.

CodeXX - A ready Loyalty program suitable for a large Domestic market. You only need to add your country code (eg. Code44 for UK etc) and make local amendments / translations. The Franchise includes an end-to-end solution, marketing materials and a website at your disposal.

SOLO - Ready retail solutions. As a SOLO Franchisee you can offer Five end-to-end SOLO solutions to retailers in your territory: Loyalty programs, Loyalty Coalition programs, ready Gift cards, Discount cards and Voucher programs. Common for all SOLO solutions are they are "ready-to-go". SOLO is an opportunity for an established business to offer a complementary service to existing Clients or may also work as a new service to attract more clients to your business today.

Training & Support

Concept and Business training 1 day
Infrastructure training 1 day
Admin training 0.5 day
Sales and Marketing Training: 1.5 days

Unique Business Proposition

  • Attractive concepts
  • Need a small organization
  • IT outsourced, Support and hosting outside scope
  • Synergies with more brands (eg. Overlap of clients wanting VV troust card and SOLO gift card etc)

Investor Profile
An Investor may be relevant for all Program concepts or just One of them. Below is listed how the Investor profile may be:

Profile relevant for all (VV Tourist card, CodeXX, SOLO)

  • Loyalty Management Company
  • Retail marketing service company (eg. Selling advertisements, promotions etc)
  • Marketing or communication Agency
  • Consulting companies (specializing in retail or with a strong representation of retail oriented clients)

Additional Profiles relevant for Vice Versa Tourist card:

  • Airlines
  • Airports (especially with interest in increasing Duty Free Sales)
  • Tourist Boards (government or private)
  • Telecom targeting Tourist SIM market
  • Tourist Companies offering Services to Tourists (not a simple attraction site but more of a general wide service like Big Bus / Tour guides Transportation etc that spread across the City, or related services used by Tourists)
  • Largest Travel agency - DMC (Destination Management company) and Inbound, FIT Clients Premium travel and Business Travellers
  • Tour operators, premium Travel, inbound
  • Major Tourist park / attraction
  • Tourist publications

Additional Profiles relevant for CodeXX domestic program:

  • Airline (local airline with interest in outbound travel selling to domestic market)
  • Airports (especially with interest in increasing Duty Free Sales or airport services to frequent travellers)
  • Telecom targeting domestic market (eg. Post paid / contracts) market
  • General services (eg. Transportation) suggesting services to consumers spread across the Territory, or related services used by Domestic market) Government or private
  • Banks / Financial products for domestic market
  • Exhibitions
  • Big publication houses (eg. The times, the National, Magazines - must be read by a large National audience)
  • TV / Broadcast for national wide TV interest / Radio station

Additional Profiles relevant for SOLO program:

  • Could be all above listed where the company what the same but own branded.
  • Company offering BtB services to the retail industry - not being a retailer themselves.

International Licence Fee: Upon Application



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