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Playboy Clubs

Playboy Clubs

“Playboy Clubs: Glamour and Sophistication”

Country of Origin:


Operational/Signed (Outlets)

  • USA - (30)
  • UK - (4)
  • Japan - (4)
  • Lebanon - (1)
  • Macao - (1)
  • Greece - (1)
  • Bahamas - (1)
  • India - (1)
  • Canada - (1)
  • Singapore - (1)
  • Philippines - (1)
  • Germany - (1)


  • Russian Federation
  • Ukraine
  • Kazakhstan
  • Belarus
  • Georgia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Tajikistan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Moldova
  • Armenia
  • Turkmenistan

Playboy integrated venues offer a unique fantasy retreat providing rejuvenation, fun, and entertainment in a vibrantly pleasure-driven environment - where the rules don’t change, but the experiences do.

The heritage and the aspirational lifestyle expectations of the brand create a level of sophistication and class that attracts the right clientele.

The Playboy brand is world renowned and attracts both men and women wishing to immerse themselves in the “good life.” The Playboy brand evokes a high-end, best of best, boutique image which will be reflected in each Playboy integrated entertainment venue.

Playboy will promote the venues through its various business units. Playboy will lend its name and brand to each project as well as provide access to Playboy’s vast promotional resources including Playboy TV, Playboy Online, PLAYBOY Magazine, and other Playboy controlled media.

Playboy will also leverage its experience and relationships with world renowned operations and design partners to aid in project development, as well as marketing and promotional support.

In addition, Playboy will recreate world famous Mansion parties and conduct Playmate-related events at the venue.

Unique Business Proposition

  • Playboy
  • Heritage brand
  • Aspirational lifestyle
  • Relationships with world-renowned operations and design partners
  • Access to Playboy's vast promotional resources
  • Mansion parties and Playmate-related events

Investor Profile
Personality Profile:

  • Absolutely passionate about food and beverage.
  • Fanatical about hospitality, quality, lifestyle and luxury.
  • Understands and respects the finer things in life
  • Knows the values of ‘belonging to an exclusive gathering’
  • Completely understands the brand
  • Well-funded, well-connected and well-travelled
  • Experienced hospitality operator with a proven track record of operating profitable and high quality Restaurants/Cafes/ Bars/Clubs

Technical Profile:

  • Supply chain expertise and established local vendor network
  • History of successful brand development
  • Real estate ownership or expertise and/or Established broker relationship for identifying sites
  • Solid quality of operations
  • Enthusiastic supporter of: Concept positioning

Operations standards
Building design

  • Understands, accepts and values a positive Licensor/Licensee relationship
  • Understands the need for, and system-wide benefit from multi-market brand consistency
  • Direct experience with new restaurant: Site selection, Entitlement, Construction, Training and Opening
  • Ability to fund one or two locations without relying on new restaurant positive cash flow, depending on the size of the exclusive market
  • Wants to diversify concepts for strategic reasons, or needs growth opportunities beyond what is currently available in the market
  • Ability to recruit highly skilled management and operational staff.

International Licence Fee: Upon Application






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