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Unique Business Proposition

  • First and best to the market for Phototainment at weddings, corporate events, trade shows, etc.
  • The reinvention of the traditional photo booth, absent the ungainly booth, and transformed to a huge iPad-like touchscreen, state-of-the-art photo effects, with unlimited viral distribution through all the major social media, all in real-time.
  • Huge profit margins per event, with minimal overhead; quick ROI;
  • Wide range of collateral products & services to sell;
  • Franchise model provides world-wide commercials, promotions, video notoriety, links to all major franchise marketplaces and entrepreneurs, & social media.
  • Unique technology, franchise driven, enormous ROI potential.
  • Demand for our products and services is rapidly becoming a prerequisiste for modern, fun, even legendary, social events.
  • Our business will grow at a rapid pace as people have more money to spend on social events.

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