ICONS Coffee Couture

ICONS Coffee Couture

ICONS Coffee Couture

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ICONS Coffee Couture

A fashion and lifestyle coffee shop concept known for its German Bio Kaffee and well-balanced coffee shop (+)plus food and beverage menu offerings for guilt-free indulgence, enjoyed in Style!

Unique Business Proposition

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  • Coffee Shop (+) Plus Concept: Benefit from doubling average bills per customer while operating with the same staff requirement as a standard coffee shop through innovative and effective operation
  • Ever-Growing Demand: Increasing food-related health problems and a demand for more healthy options and varieties
  • Made in Germany: 100% Organic (Bio) & Fairtrade, our Coffees are roasted in an especially developed long roasting procedure for lower acidity and full aroma. We stand for quality made in Germany
  • Healthy: Organic Coffee's, tea's and Skinny Cakes without refined sugars, high protein, vegan and gluten-free options, yet with a full scrumptious delicious taste
  • In Vogue: A passion for uniqueness and empowerment of every one to express her/his style and make life remarkable
  • Passion: A higher quest of being a part of a healthy, but joyful life style
  • Diverse Sales Opportunities: Multiple revenue streams from offering food, beverage and merchandise retail, catering and distributorship to HORECA market
  • Return on Investment: Affordable investment with a possibility of a higher turnover and profit levels
Winona Gagan

Winona Gagan will be managing your enquiry.

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ICONS Coffee Couture
ICONS Coffee Couture
ICONS Coffee Couture

About ICONS Coffee Couture

Icons Coffee Couture is a forward thinking and health conscious lifestyle Coffee Shop Chain. Icons is famous for its German 'Bio Kaffee' and a mix of healthy and indulging sweets and savories for a balanced lifestyle

The concept borrows heavily from the latest trends in the fashion industry and surprises with an stylish, vibrant, yet welcoming atmosphere and its changing specialty blends of world's most exclusive coffee's and therefore true Coffee Couture!

The brands vision is to spread kindness and be leading in creating healthier communities through nutritious and balanced food offerings, education and promotion of an active lifestyle to empower the individual to make life remarkable.


There is a saying that your friends are the family you choose; we see it in the same way with our partners. Our partners are the business family we choose. That's why our partners get so much more than just a license to use our brand, proprietary recipes and operating system.

Your personal franchise success is our no.1 focus!

You join an organization that is focused on individual franchisee success with a real commitment to help our business family members maximize their potential.


Power of Branding
Our Franchisees receive the license to use the "Icons Coffee Couture" name, logo, all services and trademarks of Icons Coffee Couture and benefit from our corporate marketing and brand building activities.

Store design, branding and fit-out
Technical support in relation to customized store designs and layouts and provision of samples of store designs and layouts, building material, sample charts and site development plans. Assistance in the production of architectonic images and interior and exterior look and feel of each store.

Full Training, System and Support
All franchise benefit from customized package of training both prior to launch as well as on an ongoing basic. This focuses on retailing skills, product knowledge and training baristas to produce the typical Icons coffee and individual products.

Product supply and Product Development
Our franchisees benefit from negotiated rates and discounts with suppliers, a strong supply chain department and our unique product developments and ongoing improvements as well as new varieties to satisfy changing needs, tastes and preferences.

Marketing and Brand Development
Our franchisees will be supported with a full promotional calendar, from prior, to launch as well as for the ongoing basis. Beside that our franchisees benefit from our fully branded point of sale and merchandising packages especially designed to maximize your sales.

Operational Assistance
Our Franchisees are provided with a complete set of manuals, from establishing, management, training, service, marketing manuals to help develop their business with ongoing support that will ensure the highest standards.

ICONS Coffee Couture
ICONS Coffee Couture
ICONS Coffee Couture

Investor Profile

  • Strong business-oriented company
  • Experience in a food and beverage retail business
  • Local market knowledge
  • Accessibility to prime locations
  • A passion for ICONS brand value what it represents in the food industry


  • Europe
  • Turkey
  • Jordan
  • USA
  • Kuwait
  • Russian Federation
  • Asia
  • Iran
  • UAE
  • Middle East
  • Worldwide


  • Saudi Arabia (25)
  • UAE (13)
  • Qatar (5)
  • Austria (5)
  • Oman (5)
  • Bahrain (3)
ICONS Coffee Couture
ICONS Coffee Couture

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