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About us: We are World Franchise Associates

World Franchise Associates works with investors seeking retail, food and service brands.

We work with investors to identify and acquire the brands that suit their business goals. Clients include franchisors, commercial real estate developers, service companies and event organisers. World Franchise Centre is managed by World Franchise Associates, a team of franchise professionals in development, operations, legal & finance.

Services to Investors: The teams that make up World Franchise Centre are brand architects. We work with real estate developers to build compelling and complementary portfolios of world class retail and food brands. We also assist service based companies in the acquisition of related franchised businesses. World Franchise Centre represents hundreds of selected international franchise brands within its portfolios, with a live database of over 5,000 companies. Please register or contact us to discuss your business interests.

Services to Franchise Brands: World Franchise Centre, WFA and its strategic partners offer cost-effective performance based programmes to assist franchisors enter new international markets. World Franchise Centre is extensively promoted in the media and supported by events which are staged in partnership with franchise associations, exhibition & seminar organizers as well as private & government trade organizations. Our sole mission is to identify qualified investors in target markets which result in meetings with franchisors so that licences may be awarded. Please register or contact us to discuss your market interests.

Strategic Alliances: World Franchise Centre has key relationships with financial institutions, business and trade associations and media.

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